The limbs on a recurve bow sometimes can become twisted because of misuse or improper storage. Twisting can be corrected on a modern take-down bow simply by replacing the affected limb. Single-piece wood and wood-laminated bows, however, require more work to correct. A skilled professional bowyer often can repair aContinue Reading

A bowstring for a compound bow consists of multiple strands of string material bound together with a material known as “serving”. The multiple strands create a string strong enough to handle the bow’s tension and launch arrows hundreds of feet. Making your own bowstring is challenging, but can be accomplishedContinue Reading

Do not let the phrase “traditional archery” fool you. Modern longbows and recurves are precision-engineered pieces of equipment, and in the hands of a skilled archer, they provide the precision and accuracy needed for competition or hunting. The shoot-around arrow rest, also known as a flipper, is on the riserContinue Reading