Design duo Barber and Osgerby have installed a giant weathervane at London’s Somerset House to help the city’s residents find their way “at a time of national turbulence”. Created for the first London Design Biennale, Forecast is a wind-responsive installation located in the courtyard of the historic Neoclassical building where the event it taking place.Continue Reading

Viennese design duo Mischer’Traxler has created a mobile-like light installation for the Austrian contribution to London’s first design biennale. Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler designed the piece named LeveL in response to the Biennale theme Utopia by Design. Pendent-shaped lights are attached to a network of branches that unbalance when visitors brush past and causeContinue Reading

New York gallery Chamber is showcasing shelving and storage units by designers including Studio Job, Nendo and Gaetano Pesce for an exhibition to celebrate its second birthday. Of Cabinets and Curiosities features work from nine designers that frequently work with Chamber, which was founded by Juan Garcia Mosqueda in 2014. Chamber’s Of Cabinets and Curiosities exhibition includes workContinue Reading